Water Products Specials | Huckabones Equipment in Cobden, Ontario
Water Products Specials | Huckabones Equipment in Cobden, Ontario
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At Huckabones Equipment, we are pleased to offer a wide range of products for the conditioning, containment and disposal of water and waste water.


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Black Drain Tile by Armtec | Huckabones Equipment, Cobden OntarioDrain Tile by Armtec


  • Wide range of sizes and fittings available
  • Highly resistant to chemical and corrosion attack
  • Not affected by freeze/thaw cycles








Black Plastic Culverts by Armtec | Huckabones Equipment, Cobden OntarioPlastic Culvert by Armtec


    • Impact resistant
    • UV resistant
    • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, strong acids, and bases








Various Corrugated Steel Culverts, aligned and piled, by Atlantic Industries Limited | Huckabones Equipment, Cobden OntarioCorrugated Steel Culvert by Atlantic Industries Limited


      • Economical, strong, lightweight and easy to install
      • Variety of sizes, thickness and material
      • Full engineering support and field service








Geotextiles by Geosynthetic Systems


Roll of black Geotextiles by Geosynthetics Systems | Huckabones Equipment, Cobden Ontario

Geotextiles typically perform one or more of the four basic functions:

      • Separation
      • Reinforcement
      • Filtration
      • Drainage

Matching the right geotextile with its application depends on accurate identification of its proposed function(s) and its relevant physical properties.








Various Plastic septic tanks by Xactics | Huckabones Equipment, Cobden OntarioPlastic Septic Tanks by Xactics


      • Light, rugged and easy to handle
      • Multiple sizes and styles











white plastic water tanks by Den Hartog Industries Inc. | Huckabones Equipment, Cobden OntarioPlastic Water Tanks by Den Hartog Industries Inc.


      • Rugged and impact resistant
      • Excellent chemical resistant
      • Single or Double compartment