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Huckabones Equipment offers rental services on Kubota Tractors, Construction Equipment, and more, by the day, week or the month in Ontario.

Please contact us and let us know the type of equipment that you are looking for. Huckabones Equipment will be pleased to assist you in Cobden.


Rental Terms
  • Renting equipment requires a valid driver's license
  • Weekend rate is 1.5 days on some equipment
  • $250.00 Damage deposit required payable by credit card
  • Trucking is available for $95.00 per hour
  • Fuel, damage, and shortage responsibility of renter
  • Washing extra at shop labour rate
  • Pay by Visa, MasterCard, or in advance
 Kubota Tractors  
  8-Hour Day
40-Hour Week
160-Hour Month
B-Series $150$600$1,800Kubota B-Series Tractor, Orange
BX-Series $180 $720 $2,160Kubota BX-series tractor, orange
B-Series TLB            
 $200 $800 $2,400Kubota TLB, Orange
L-Series $225 $900 $2,700Kubota L-series tractor, orange
M-Series $300 $1,200 $3,600Kubota M-Series tractor, orange







 Construction Equipment
  8-Hour Day
40-Hour Week
160-Hour Month
Kubota KX040, 5 ton $375$1,500$4,500Kubota KX040 Excavator, Orange
Kubota U25, 2.5 ton $275 $1,100 $3,300Kubota U25, orange







 Miscellaneous Equipment
  8-Hour Day
40-Hour Week
160-Hour Month

Rotary mower

for tractor (60")

$120 $480 $1,440Red Rotary Mower for Tractor

Rotary cutter (72")   

$120$480$1,440Red Rotary Cutter



$75 $300 $900Blue Wallenstein Woodsplitter



$100 $400 $1,200Blue Wallenstein Woodchipper

Land Pride

core aerator (48″)

$40 $160 $400Land Pride Core Aerator, orange

Land Pride

Tiller (58″)

$100$400$1,200Orange Land Pride Tiller